Tuesday, October 12, 2010

bsdtalk200 - The mg text editor with Kjell Wooding

Also Available via Phone: +1 (210) 957-5481

Kjell Wooding is the maintainer of the mg text editor.  Its a lightweight emacs text editor.  Normally you use emacs in small environments.  This solves that problem.  The mg editor is in the public domain and is now in the base system of OpenBSD.

Emacs is a lisp interpreter that just happens to have a text editor attached to it.  The mg editor is just an editor and won't have any extra bloat in it.  There really aren't any extras, its just a text editor.

The mg editor is written in C and its very tiny in terms of source code.  There have been lots of people who have ported it to many places.  Its been around a long time, maybe since 1986.

Kjell began running a computer security company and just happened to live in the same town as Theo DeRaadt.  It didn't take long to get involved in OpenBSD and is still an OpenBSD developer and is involved with the OpenBSD Foundation.

The latest source code for mg is really only available in OpenBSD.  There are a lot of todo's in the source code, but most of it is just maintenance.

As an April fools joke, he compiled in a vi mode, which to everyones surprise compiled and worked for many things.

Theo mode spits out quotes from Theo and is the only code not in the public domain.

All the modes in the code are documented now and the documentation is probably bigger than the source code.

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